Politics Au Naturel

United People * 2020 * Naked Politics

Dear Indispensable Friends and Supporters of all-inclusive Natural Human Rights,

We stand to make an incredible amount of progress if we are willing and able to organize a significant political campaign presence in the next U.S. general election process.

There is a reason mainstream media mocks us, major news reporting agencies ignore us, and social media networks block us, and it is all-the-more reason we need to do this.

There are numerous and easily relatable civil, economic, health and social arguments that are directly related to the suppression of bare body freedom that need to be heard.

We need to make an unprecedented and important breakthrough in order to cut the mustard and make the grade as savvy, serious and determined advocates for this cause.

Ending society’s tug of war, enabling people to live and be who they are naturally, and uniting them by their most basic needs and commonalities, is not the cause major news reporting agencies and social media networks have been interested in covering and allowing to be shared, respectively!

Is the freedom to be who we are naturally and able to make our own personal life choices too much to ask?

Is the issue society has with the bare human body akin and a precursor to the issues with human diversity?

Is there a place at the federal level of government in the United States for all-inclusive natural human rights?

Is there a possibility that we will ever embrace our commonalities and unite as a people for our basic needs?

Is casting a ballot in an election a more secure process than an on-line banking or purchase transaction?

Is creating an on-line option for every registered voter to cast and verify their ballot a reasonable request?

Is revamping the electoral college process, to more accurately reflect every voter’s choice long overdue?

Is tremendous wealth a prerequisite for a political candidate to be a humanitarian representative for all?

United People 2020 is about using the information, resources and technology that is readily available to us to get back to basics and go back to the drawing board of civilizing our society and leveling the playing field of survival for the greater good and in the best interest of all of humanity.

A naked politician would leave nothing to the imagination, and have nothing to hide!!

A candidate that would recognize and protect our natural human right to live harmlessly and respectfully, and be who we all are naturally. 

A campaign that would bring the integrity of the responsible at-will practice of bare body freedom into the spotlight it rightfully deserves. 

A chance to change the way the world views the presence of the natural human form. 

A shame that has caused a great deal of unnecessary psychological and physical pain. 

A stigma that we would have an opportunity to rid ourselves and the world of forever. 

A suppression of a basic natural human right that should never have existed in society. 

A solution to the many issues we have had with ourselves and each other, historically. 

A humanitarian effort that could heal the hate and lure the love that nature intended. 

A long shot of course but one well worth taking if any of the above can be achieved!!

Woven into the fabric of a blanket that would cover every law abiding citizen and visitor, would be the thread that enables every human being to live and be who they are naturally if it were up to me!!

Ton 👣❤️🎤